About the problem that is occurring now(今起きている問題について – 英語版)

I would like to share my thoughts on the problem that is currently occurring.

Novel Coronavirus

Media coverage

Is it really necessary to say, “There have been XX infected people" like every day?
From my point of view, it is completely unnecessary and, on the contrary, it causes fear. I want you to stop immediately.


Infection prevention

The infection control measures this time are just one word, “overdoing."
It can only be said that it is a complete lie that it does not get infected if it is far away, and it can only be said that it is an obvious lie to wear a mask all the time.
Given that the virus is everywhere, it can be transmitted regardless of distance, and it is possible to create an infectious disease that does not appear by taking excessive measures that can be overcome with innate immunity. right.
Lockdown is nothing else.



The first thing I want you to notice is what it is like to hit a vaccine in production without conducting a clinical trial.
In addition to that, it’s a new technology, so it’s best not to conduct clinical trials. It is hard for me to admit that this is OK for pregnant women, even though other vaccines are useless.


Attitude to try to force something that is not compulsory

I feel angry at the attitude of trying to force something that is not compulsory, such as vaccines and PCR tests.
I know I don’t want to get infected or cluster, but I want you to think about how to take responsibility if your behavior is restricted by doing these things.
Although it is a problem for companies, I want them to have the feeling that “I will never accept it because it depends on the operation" instead of “I will definitely do it!".


Russia and Ukraine

Media coverage

From my point of view, I can only say “none" for the media coverage this time.
The content is a biased report that regards Russia as “evil" and Ukraine as “good", and does not seem to appeal to viewers “what is the true intention?"
As with certain propaganda and politics so far, what is the one-sided coverage that breaks through “good and evil"?


Humanitarian and defense support for Ukraine

My view is that even if this looks good on the surface, there is something behind the scenes.
We have posted an “opinion" on our website, but this issue is a problem that will be resolved in both Russia and Ukraine, and a third country should not rush into it.
Furthermore, considering that a group called “Neo-Nazi" is acting in Ukraine, there is concern that what is originally used for good purposes will be used for bad purposes.
For this reason, I personally decided that “humanitarian assistance and defense assistance should not be provided in view of the situation," and that assistance should be “at its own risk."



Economic sanctions against Russia

The conclusion is, I think, “What are you going to do with economic sanctions on Russia?"
As I said earlier, this issue is a problem that both Russia and Ukraine will solve, and a third country should not rush into it.
On the contrary, this economic sanction could deepen the gap between Russia and Ukraine, and it is inevitable that the country that issued the economic sanctions will be hit, not to mention the blow to Russia.
Therefore, I think that economic sanctions should not be imposed.


Regarding future trends

It would be nice to see that the novel coronavirus disappears smoothly if the excessive measures are eliminated. For that purpose, we human beings should stop over-measures and be tolerant of infectious diseases. As a matter of fact, people are trying to divide because of over-measures.
Russia and Ukraine will be big “turning points" that will lead to future world peace depending on the situation.
It’s almost certain that big changes will occur in the future.

See also the “note" article.(Sorry, this page is Japanese only)

Somewhere is the “New World Order", “New Normal", “SDGs", etc., but depending on the situation, these may also collapse.
The last thing I would like to tell you is that you “see the essence of things".
With this, the difficulties can be overcome.


I’ve briefly mentioned this, but this is my idea.
Thank you for watching until the end.